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The dal tile is an ancient Indian porcelain that is widely used in the construction of interiors as well as exteriors in homes. It is mainly used for flooring and wall coverings, as it is very hard wearing and easy to clean. Generally, the dal tile is used in India, United States, Britain and Pakistan. This porcelain is derived from the clay that is found in the under layers of decayed wooden structures in the Indian states of Pradesh and Jharkhand. This porcelain is extremely hard wearing and is extensively used for countertops and kitchen flooring.

Dal Tile Granite

Dal-Tile Granite is an igneous rock composed of aluminum oxide, oxygen and other compounds. It is the second hardest stone after diamond. Granite is used in construction projects due to its hard property of being permanent, strength and heat resistant. As granite is used in high end homes, its demand has raised a wide range of imitation stones such as dal, quartzite, granite, etc. These imitation stones are being used in construction projects because they are cheaper than granite and do not have the quality that one looks for while installing a granite countertop or a granite worktop.

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Countertop is one area that requires proper maintenance and the dal tile is very suitable for this. This tile is very easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily by simply using a wet mop or a dry cloth. Cleaning a dal tile does not require scrubbing, rinsing or polishing because it is very easy to remove the dirt from the surface. It is important to clean the tiles properly before and after application of the sealer.

Application of granite sealer can be done by wiping the surface with a piece of cotton cloth, a cotton bud or a sponge dipped in water and a soft brush. Before applying a sealant, always read the instructions of use on the package of granite. The dal tile surface is also important in maintaining the shine of the granite countertop and the surface can be maintained by using a small amount of vinegar in water to remove the grout lines. This helps in adding shine to the surface. In order to clean the surface, use a cleaner that is recommended for granite surfaces.

The dal-tile countertop is easy to clean and can be removed from the kitchen immediately after washing and rinsing with water and a mild detergent. This will make them shining and glowing. It will also prevent the growth of bacteria and mold which can be harmful for people. Some dal tiles are treated with UV lamp cleaners that also help in shining and refilling the cracked surface. The dal tile can be placed on top of the granite countertop and if possible, should be cleaned on a regular basis. If there are spills made on the dal tile surface, blotting the spills with a dry piece of cotton cloth or a moist piece of paper towel and rinsing with cold water is advisable.

Granite dal tile countertops offer a great look for your kitchen and they also prove to be very affordable. They are easy to install and look very stylish and modern. The material available in the market is monastic, translucent or textured dal tiles. They are made in many shapes and sizes and also include polished and honed surfaces.

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