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Heat lamp is simply a stronger version of an incandescent light bulb that is commonly used in many different applications. One example of its use is to heat water. Many people are familiar with the traditional type of bathroom heat lamp that circulates air around the glass tube. These types of heat lamps have an adjustable temperature control that allows you to find just the perfect temperature for your bath or shower. A heat lamp that is used in various other applications, such as heating food, utilize a different kind of technology that makes use of an infrared heat-sensing ceramic. The infrared heat from this ceramic is not visible to humans.

In the past, most heat lamps used a solid gas like kerosene to generate the heat. Today’s models make use of an infrared heater that makes use of a series of wavelengths. The wavelengths usually fall into two categories: Long and Short. You may not know it but your microwave oven uses a long wavelength to heat the food while your convection oven uses a short wavelength to turn on the fan.

Heat Lamp & Reptile and Bathroom Bulb Heat Lamp**2021 Bathroom Furniture Best Furniture Brands

Bathroom Heat Lamp

One important thing to remember when looking for a heat lamp to use in your home is to figure out how much light you’re going to need. If you only want to light a small area such as a bathroom or kitchen counter, then don’t go for a wattage too high. Typically a wattage of four hundred watts is good. Some bulbs that are used for this purpose have a maximum output of one thousand watts so double check to be sure. Also keep in mind that the longer the light tube the less energy the bulb will produce.

If you have a large room where you would like to heat, then you will need heat lamps that can heat a whole room. Most of these are radiant or convection models and use a fan at the base of the unit to generate heat. The fan makes sure to distribute the heat equally throughout the room. A convection model uses a fan rotating at a fixed speed to move air and warm the room.

Heat Lamp Bulb

Now that you know the difference between regular incandescent lamps and a heat lamp, you should know what difference they make in your life. With a heat lamp, you are able to read or work while basking in the sunlight. The warm light from a regular incandescent bulb can affect your eyes negatively.

Last, but not least heat lamps cost more than regular incandescents because they use a lot more energy. This energy comes from the actual light bulb. They also last longer than regular bulbs. If you have a large room, you might want to invest in one. Otherwise you should plan to replace them every ten years.

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